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The exterior siding of your home’s primary role is to protect your home from the elements. He is his shield. Then, from an aesthetic point of view, the exterior cladding will determine the visual appearance of it.

The exterior cladding is used for a new construction or it is used to refresh the look of your existing home. In any case, this decision should not be taken lightly. Here is a profile of the different possibilities that the market offers you.

The vinyl

Vinyl is the most popular exterior siding. It is lightweight and easy to install in addition to being offered in several colors. Check out our vinyl article to learn more about this coating.

Engineered Wood

This exterior cladding also known as Canexel is the most successful imitation, to date, of wood. It is a durable and environmentally friendly facing that requires little maintenance. To learn more about this material, consult our Engineering Timber file.

Canexel exterior cladding (engineered wood)

Natural wood

Natural wood is undoubtedly one of the best exterior coatings that exists on the market. However, it requires more maintenance than engineered wood or brick. See all the benefits of an exterior wood siding as well as the disadvantages in this file.

  • Natural wood exterior cladding
  • The outer covering in brief

Make sure you buy a quality product, take the time to shop around and know the different suppliers. At any time, make a choice of materials that allies with your budget. Respect the surroundings of the neighborhood. Try not to distort the visual appearance of your home with an inadequate coating choice. At all times, consider the urban planning standards in effect in your city or municipality.

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